Property Sheet

I am using the Property Sheet capability to store some values about Naval vessels for a game. However, I can only store these values into the property sheet of the units after setting the units up in a saved game file that then gets used as a setup scenario for the module.

Is there a way of pre-populating the values into the Property sheet so that they are there in the piece when a player is just pulling pieces from a piece tray onto a map? I just need the values native to the piece irrespective of scenario.

Right click the Game Piece in Game Piece definition and add the properties there

see pic

Oh great! Deepest thanks for this! That’s quite simple! If I have a property sheet that is part of a prototype, I presume that that the values for that propertysheet will apply to any basic piece that use that prototype? So , in order to have individual data that is specific to a vessel, the property sheet would have to at the piece level (and not as a prototype)? Is that correct?

yes, but be careful of trait order, i’ve had to move around to get it right