Prototype Commands Worked ... then Didn't

Howdy Gents,

I’ve a strange thing that happened.

I built a series of commands for a card deck. I tested it with one card. It worked, every command worked.

I then rearranged the order of some of the commands and proceeded to populate the card deck. Having inserted 10 cards I stopped to test the system again.

NOW the entire deck system fails. The only command that works is one that isn’t part of the Prototype.

I was nearly to the point where in a few hours I could have completed this build and then this odd thing occurred.

Any suggestions why the Prototype no longer works when previously it did?

Drop me a line ( and I’ll provide you my DropBox link to the module


Never mind, gents,

I removed the module from the Vassal engine. Closed everything down. Then opened Vassal back up. Reloaded the module, and now it works.