Pulling a Random maker for placement under a unit

OK, the trait Place Marker can be used to allow a right click and select option to place many kinds of markers. Got, that easy. What I want to do is place a ‘marker’ under a unit where the Marker originates from a random draw ‘deck’. If I try to use the ‘Place Marker’ trait and then use the select button it wants to be pointed at a specific marker. I have all of the possible markers in a deck, but of course can’t point the Place Marker trait at that deck. It wants an individual marker.

So any way to give a unit a trait, similar to place marker that selects a marker from a ‘deck’? The markers are strength values that are placed under a unit when it takes a loss. They substitute for the starting values on the front of the counter.

I can have the player draw the marker, which is my fall back solution, I am just trying to automate the draw from the pool of strength markers.

Thanks for any help.