Question about masking blocks

I have a block game I’m working on. It’s Hold Fast: Russia 1941-42 if you want to look at it (it’s uploaded).

I want each side to have the ability to mask their own blocks, yet give permission to the opponent to unmask the blocks, to make PBEM games go more smoothly.

In the Mask Property, I set the “Can be masked by” property to “Any of specified sides” and said that the Axis player could unmask the Axis blocks and for the Soviet blocks, I said that the Soviets could unmask theirs.

And under Global options, under “Allow non-owners to unmask pieces” I used the “Use Preference settings”

I THOUGHT that would allow me to select the Soviet side, yet my Axis opponent would have permission to unmask my block when I went into the preferences and checked the box “Opponents can unmask my pieces” but it’s not working.

Is there a way to make this happen? I know I could set the mask/unmasked wide open and allow anybody to do so, but I don’t want to make that default. I’d rather have it in the player’s hands to decide.


I think the option you’re talking about controls who can mask a block and not who can unmask it. You seem to be confusing this.

In the (many) block modules I’ve made, I also set the global option “allow non-owners to unmask pieces” to “use pref settings.” Then when playing, we both agree to check off that box, and it behaves as you want it to. Sometimes when I remember, I include this tip in the mod’s documentation.