Question about Report Action Format

I was updating the Washington’s War module. If you are not familiar with it, We the People, For the People, or Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage, the spaces can have either player’s control marker on it.
To do this, I set up a non-stackable invisible piece. The marker is selected by a dynamic property (0 = invisible, 1 = British, 2 = American) and that property is linked to a layer command that places the corresponding marker based on the value of the dynamic property.
That is fine and dandy, but when I go to REPORT it, I told it to look for the key commands in the dynamic property and told it I wanted it in this format:

$location$: $menuCommand$

But, for example, when I place an American marker in Ticonderoga, NY, instead of saying: “Ticonderoga, NY: Place American PC Marker” it says: * Ticonderoga, NY
I moved the Report command up and down in the listing: above the layer command, below it, I made it the first command in the prototype and the last. No difference.
I did the same command for the cards and it works just fine.
If you would like to look at the file, here is the link: … _v1.6.vmod

Go to Main Map and Ticonderoga is the 9th “At Start Stack” listed. The invisible piece is the only one listed. It has one trait listed (Prototype - MapSpace). That prototype begins (bottom to top) with 3 Restrict Commands, and then the Dynamic Property, the Layer Command, and then the Report Action , and ends with “Marker - Layer = Map” and “Does not stack”)