Question about sending cards button

If you look at the dominion module. Each player has a hand that they can draw cards from their specific draw deck (everyone has their own) and everyone has their own discard pile. If you look in a player’s hand there is a button for discarding the whole hand at once. I looked at the dominion module in the editor but I don’t see where in that button it specifies where the cards go when you hit that button. For example in the discard pile you can right click and send to deck and when you look at the discard piles in the editor it has a menu in the properties that lets you point to a specific deck to move them to. What am I missing?

The Discard Hand button is a Toolbar Global Key command that executes the key command CTRL 1 (player1 ) Ctrl 2 (player 2 etc…) (or can be activated by the hotkey “D”)

If you examine the cards specifically the Card prototype which all cards inherit there are the related trigger actions and return to deck traits that are executed. from the toolbar GKC

Side note to Mod Author - your trait ordering is backwards which helps explains why we keep getting a lot of ABR errors reported on the Dominion module.

Ok I’m thinking I’m not going to use one for now just to make this easier. What would I need for just a Player hand window for each player that allowed only them to see the cards (like how anyone else who looks see’s the card back) unless the player flips the card in his hand? I just want to get something playable up as soon as possible!

Obviously youll need Player hand windows with the sides specified who they belong to. You’ll also want to make the hands visible to all players.

On your playing cards you’ll need the mask trait. In the mask trait you define the back of the card (what all players normally see when card isnt revealed) and the owning players back of card which lets the card owner “see through” the card to the unrevealed side without actually having to reveal it unless they have to