Question regarding thread tool

When it says, for example “range 2”, does that mean UP to exactly 2 inches, or UP to 3 inches? Could the “2” mean for example, that it is 2.5 inches, or somewhere between 1-2 inches?

I ask because the large blast template in the v40k module is supposedly 5 inches in diameter, or supposedly 2.5 inches in radius.

But if you draw a thread tool from the dice to the edge of the radius, the thread tool says “3” inches. And if you draw a line to measure the diameter, it actually says “6” inches…

Take a look at this screenshot, 5 inch blast template, but it has a radius of 3 inches.

If the thread tool says “3 inches” and it actually means somewhere between 2-3 inches, that would make perfect sense…

On that note i think it would be helpful if the thread tool had a decimal point.

Forgot pic.

That depends on what rounding setting is used in the LOS thread setup in the module. It might be round up, round down or round off to nearest whole number. You will need to check the module you are using.

I have added an enhancement request to allow number of decimal places to be displayed.