Question: Using a Tool Bar Button to Increment a Counter

Okay, what am I doing wrong here:
I want to have 2 buttons on the tool bar to increase and decrease a count and have the count report on this map (map A) and another map (map B). I’ve looked around and tried numerous various but unable to get it to work:

Here is what have done:
Module level, global property, name: numberBritishResources, initial value 0, numeric, min 0, max 100

Map Window, level, has the following:
an At Start Stack with a piece:
PieceName = BrRes,
Does Not Stack, select Normally (tried it with Never), and Move (Never)
Text Label, with Text: $numberBritishResources$,
followed by (so executed before), Set Global Property: Global Property Name is numberBritishResources , Locate: (default) Current Zone/Current Map/Module (default), with two key commands as:
Menu Command: Increase, Key Command CTRL P, Type: Increment Value By , Increment By: 1
Menu Command: Decrease, Key Command CTRL M, Type: Increment Value By , Increment By: -1

The Map Window has a Global Key Command:
Increase Resource, Key Command: CTRL P, Matching Properties PieceName = BrRes (in expression builder: PieceName==“BrRes” )
Decrease Resource, Key Command: CTRL M, Matching Properties PieceName = BrRes (in expression builder: PieceName==“BrRes” )

When I select the piece and execute a key command, the number will appropriately increase and decrease.

The button on the tool bar will report that it has been pressed but the global property value (numberBritishResoures) does not change (or least the text reported on the piece does not change). I’ve tried using dynamic property with a calculate property. Again, the piece when selected will increase and decrease but the global key command in the tool bar appears to have no effect.

This seems to be so basic but have not idea how to make this work. Any idea what I am specifically doing wrong?

Try using BasicName instead of PieceName in the Global Key Command ‘matching properties’ expressions.