questions about game development

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me with a couple of issues.
My name is Fernando Rodriguez. I am part of the creative team of a new board game that we want to introduce to the board game community. The game has already been tested in home and club settings and has been introduced in the recent fair in Essen. We are thus ready to make its digital version to be able to test it on multimedia platforms. Could you help us to start up with that? Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Fernando,
This sub-forums is targeted to development issues of the VASSAL software itself.
I’d recommend you repost your request in this sub-forums instead:

That one is specifically for VASSAL “module” development; a module is an electronic implementation of a game for VASSAL, which I think is what you’re looking to do.

Good luck with your efforts!!!

-Mark R.

Thanks a lot, Mark. I’ll do it thus as you say