Questions about single tokens

I am new to designing a module and I followed Joel Toppen’s YouTube series which was very helpful.

In this game, you pick your side, either Hero or Villain. You then build your team based on points. If you are Hero you can only pick character tokens from the Hero side, etc.

My question is, how do I make it so that there is only 1 of each character token? Following Joel’s video, I made an At-Start Stack for Hero and one for Villain. But, since you do not use every character how can I make it so they can remove the ones they do not use?

Also, are there any other video tutorials like Joel’s? It was very helpful but it feels like there is a lot more that could be covered. I read the docs but watching someone else do things made it make more sense.


Yes, you want At-Start Stacks if want to enforce strict limits on the number of a piece.

The Delete trait. Or you are worried about people deleting pieces accidentally, you could have another “Removed from Game” display window where unused pieces go.

Yes, I would be concerned that they accidentally delete a character that they want to keep. I will try the “Removed from Game” display window. Is that just another Map Window?

Thanks, Joel, for the help!