Quick Mask question...

Forgive me, I’ve never dealt with masking before.

Would the units in the following screen cap be masked for my opponent? Or have I only succeeded in masking 25% of them? :smiley:

I’m guessing that the brilliant VASSAL designers did it this way so that a player could mask his units AND still read them - meaning I’m looking at the indicator, but I want to double check.

Thank you!



That is one of the styles used to show a Masked unit to the owning player. The small sqares in the upper corner is what your opponent sees. You can select other styles in the Mask trait.



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As a quick check, you can simply change your password to something else, then refresh the map by clicking anywhere on it. You’ll then see exactly what your opponent would see. Change your password back and you’ll be back to normal.


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Unfortunately, not so brilliant. Almost every card in every game puts key information in the top left corner so a player can quickly see it when he fans his cards. Consider a standard playing card, for example. This masking style covers the most important spot on the card!

For games I’ve done, I have had to invent my own image that puts the icon in the top RIGHT corner.