Quick question about Property Sheet


I’ve been playing around with the Property Sheet in the single piece menu. And noticed that the values entered can be set during the pieces creation. However, if you copy the piece or save the module the valued entered in the Property Sheet are reset! Not good.

This means that the values have to be entered anew for each game. :frowning:

Is there a way to keep the values entered in the property sheet without losing them?

Once you attach a property sheet to a piece, right click the piece while you still have it open in the editor, select the property sheet, enter your values, click OK to save changes, and it should maintain them. At least, I seemed to remember that’s how it worked …it’s been a long time since I used PS’s.

That’s how I thought it worked as well.

But it only keeps the value entering during play, for saved games. Not for saved modules, or when you do a copy and paste in single pieces or prototypes.

Maybe there is a setting to keep the values that are entered?

Maybe, having cut and paste on the property sheet (and spread sheet as well) could be very useful.