Random setup for a game

I am just starting work on a module for a game of siege warfare in the 16th century. A feature of the game is a step by step setup process for determining, partly or wholly at random, the initial properties of the besieged city and of the besieging army. I would like to automate this process as far as possible, so as to reduce the setup time for the players.

As a first step, it is necessary to determine the nationality of the two sides, defender and attacker. The defender’s nationality is determined first, from a list of possible nationalities: say, French, Spanish, Dutch or German. The defender can either select a nationality of his choice, or have one chosen for him at random.

I can see that one way to do this would be to use a Deck, with a card corresponding to each nationality. The defender either takes the top card (Reshuffle = Always) for a random choice, or uses the right-click menu to select a card. Questions:

  1. Is there a better way to do it than this (and if so, how)?
  2. If I use a Deck, how can I make it record the defender’s choice as a Global Property?
  3. Is it possible to make the Deck disappear (become hidden) once the choice is made? (Not essential, but interesting.)

The attacker then selects his nationality in a similar way, except that there are constraints on him which depend on the defender’s choice. For example, if the defender is French, the attacker cannot be Dutch; if the defender is German, the attacker cannot be Spanish.

Is it possible to modify the procedure (whether done using a Deck or otherwise) so that the choices available to the attacker will exclude any that are not permitted following the defender’s choice?

For the record, I am running v3.1.13 and I have plenty of memory.

Many thanks


I could probably help you out on this as it’s similar to a player initialization process I use in my games. PM or Email me.