Re-Ordering Top Cards of a Deck

For my next trick…

With another card in the game:

Player places card on board that allows them to look at top five cards of a deck.

Without the opponent seeing what they see, the player needs to look at the top X number of cards in the deck and then place them back in any order.


A quick draft:

  1. Draw Pile set to Shuffle = Never. Enable users to draw multiple cards from the Draw Pile.
  2. Create private hands for each player – this ensures nobody can peep cards the other player draws from the deck.
  3. Give each card a Return To Deck (to Draw Pile) trait and assign it to, say, Ctrl-R key.
  4. Players would draw cards from the Draw Pile to their private window and through Ctrl-R action send them back to the Draw Pile in the order as they wish.

This can also be automatized, to some extent but I am not sure whethe it’s worth the effort (you would need to assign to a card, by playing of which 5 cards are drawn, an action which would automatically send cards from the top of the pile to the private window; you would need to find a way to determine a window to which cards are sent).

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No. The payers’ hands can already be crowded and I didn’t want to just add the cards to those windows and then drag them back. They already have a Return to Deck for discarding them.

No need to drag them back, RtD will do the job.

You can have 2 Return to Deck traits for a card?

Sure, there’s no limit. I have a module with cards using (I think) 8 different RtD traits.

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