Re-rolling SOME dice.

Okay. I have 95% of the module working the way I want… and then there’s the dice.

My game uses standard d6’s.
You begin the game rolling 5, but you can gain more as the game progresses.
To begin the game, there are no re-rolls, but again, you can gain more as the game goes on.

So, what I need to figure out is a method to roll 5+ dice, and then lock some of those dice and re-roll the rest.
Is there a simple way to do this?

I looked at the Yahtzee module for inspiration but my brain melted just trying to figure out how it was done. It seems like there HAS to be an easier way?

My current solution is 10 ‘decks’ with 6 cards each that are set to always shuffle. Draw a card to roll, return a card to reset. It’s clukny, but functional.

You could just add pieces to your maps displaying the result of the die roll, using layers (a level showing the “1” face, another showing “2” etc). Then you can add traits on the piece to “lock” (=set up a dynamic property Locked=1 which will display a “Locked” gif or something), “reroll” (just reroll a die and display the new result/level) etc. See for example my Shadows upon Lassadar module.

Thanks for that! It’s tremendously helpful.