Reading Log Files?

I’d like to use Vassal to run an online rpg. During the game, I’d like to log the in-character chat and actions, and then publish the log of the session later.

However, Vassal logs look encrypted, and although they’re easily viewable in Vassal itself, I don’t see any way to view them in a text editor.

Is there a way to read the logs outside of Vassal?

Alternatively, is there a way to export a game log to a text file?

Thus spake “mycenae”:

The logs are not encrypted, but the are encoded in a rather odd format
at present (which might be changing rather dramatically in near future,
sometime after 3.1).

Yes, you could write something to do that by looking at the code in
VASSAL which reads the logs.

If all you want is the text which appears in the chat window, you could
select it all, copy it, and paste the text wherever you like.


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