Refresh Counters in Expansion

I’ve changed the properties of some piece in the C&C:Ancients module and while the “Refresh Counters” function works nicely on the saved games included in the module, it does not work on saved games created with extensions. I’ve checked and the GamePieceIds is present both in the module and in the extensions. But still I get the “Unable to refresh Game” error message. What I’m doing wrong?


Ok I found this comment in the source changelog that in principle should explain my difficulties.

CHANGES:* 10083: Refesh Counters cannot refresh counters from a 3.1 Module/save game

Problem is, also if I re-save the game with the updated version of both module and extension, still I’m unable to refresh counters.

There is a further bug with the Counter Refresh function that prevents counters being refreshed when any extension is loaded. A fix for this is being included in the next bug fix release which should be soon.


Thank you Brent for you fast reply and all your work. Very much appreciated! G.