Refresh Counters with 3.6 beta 6 (and previous betas) - Time to complete issue

I’ve been working with the 3.6 betas for my World in Flames modules. I’ve got them to the stage where I can start on the pre-defined games - refresh counters, complete the added functionality, etc. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I cannot find that post.
I loaded one pre-defined game and initiated refresh counters. The process took 47 minutes. I would really hate to use the refresh pre-defined games function if one loaded such game is taking this long to complete refresh.
Modules prior to 3.6 betas took, at most, 10 mins.

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Okay I ran the profiler on your module tonight and we may have something for you to try in Beta 7 (which will probably show up tomorrow-ish).


Give beta 7 a try: Release Vassal 3.6.0-beta7 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub

I did the first 1939-scenario-with-all-CE-maps that I found on the list and it took me 65 seconds. :slight_smile:

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Downloaded. Will try it out. 65 secs, wow.
Thanks for that.