Refreshing predefined setups adds counters to At-Start stack

This was a bit difficult to explain so I tried to produce a simple example. Open the attached module. Check the “Saved” predefined setup. It should contain a single counter on a single board (it’s an At-Start stack). Then edit the module and select refresh predefined setups. There is nothing to refresh but just do it. Everything seems to go fine but if you check the predefined setup after the refreshing, it has now two counters on the board. Sometimes, I have to do the refresh twice before the extra piece appears. I do not understand why. Notice that using “Tools->Refresh Counters” does not produce the same problem.

Thanks for your consideration,


Hello Giulio,
Thanks for pointing out this bug. I was able to reproduce the issue. I will have a look and get back to you.

Bug 14018 - Refresh Predefined setup clones at start stacks. … i?id=14018

A fix for this went out in 3.5.1.