release candiate for 3.1.6

3.1.6-svn5670 is a release candidate for 3.1.6:

The following problems should be fixed:

  • Bug 2794703: StackOverflow using Embellishment level following property
  • Bug 2793103: Memory check fails on Linux due to architecture mismatch
  • Bug: Transparent images used for orthogonal rotations of opaque sources
  • Bug: Incorrect PropertySource used to evaluate properties
  • Bug: Use bounds for primary screen on multi-monitor X11 systems.

Please give this build a try and let me know whether it works for you. That last bug was fixed by a patch from Alysa Habraken (Aenea at It’s not something I can test myself, as I don’t have a multi-monitor setup.

3.1.6-svn5675 includes another bug fix from Brent:

  • Bug 2798275: Layer following prop does not allow non-string custom props

Please try this build and let me know whether it works for you, either way. (I can’t tell the difference between hearing nothing because it works and hearing nothing because no one’s tried it yet…)

This fixes the StackOverflow problem which is my main concern. Looks good to me after a quick test.


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