Release candidate for 3.2.13

We’ve accumulated some bug fixes since 3.2.12:

  • 11148: Windows installer fails to uninstall old versions since 3.2.9
  • 11112: DrawPile “Include command to send entire deck” does not persist if no “Send Menu text” is set
  • 10946: Z-order of pieces is not preserved in saves
  • 4752: ConcurrentModificationException in sun.awt.color.ProfileDeferralMgr.activateProfiles()
  • 4505: BitstreamException in Mp3AudioClip$

None of these fix bugs which were new in 3.2.12—10946 in particular has likely existed as long as VASSAL itself has—so there’s no particular rush to get this out. However, we’ve had quite a few reports of 4752 (Java bug, we provide a workaround) and 4505, and 11148, 10946 also affect a lot of users (though are not crashes, so don’t generate many bug reports), so I’d like not to sit on these fixes either.

Builds available in the usual place:

One additional fix in the 3.2.13 build, from 3.2.13-svn9129:

  • 11193: Side selection fix for Bug 11085 misassigned observer

Builds available in the usual place:

Also fixed, in 3.2.13-svn9131:

  • 2686: IllegalArgumentException in GeneralFilter.zoom()

Builds available in the usual place: