Release candidate for 3.2.6

We have the following bug fixes in the trunk now:

  • 10174: NPE in DirectPeerPool.Entry.edit()
  • 10170: Incorrect LAN address reported under Linux
  • 10169: Non-latin characters are lost on P2P connections between different OS’s
  • 10167: Improve efficiency of SELECTED handling
  • 10165: Rotation is not applied to Text Boxes in Game Piece Layouts
  • 10155: NPE in FormattedStringExpression.evaluate()
  • 10128: Slow Follow Property handling in Embellishment
  • 10125: Expression Builder should return a Property Name, not expression in the Set Global Property trait
  • 10072: NPE in SynchCommand.executeCommand()
  • 2714: NPE in StackMetrics.merge()

All of this is Brent’s work save 10165, which is mine. Well done, Brent.

3.2.6-svn8721 contains all of these fixes, available in the usual place:

I’d like to release this as 3.2.6 as soon as possible. Please give 3.2.6-svn8721 a try.