Release candidate for VASSAL 3.2.13

We’ve accumulated some bug fixes since VASSAL 3.2.12 was released:

  • 11193: Side selection fix for Bug 11085 misassigned observer
  • 11148: Windows installer fails to uninstall old versions since 3.2.9
  • 11112: DrawPile “Include command to send entire deck” does not persist if no “Send Menu text” is set
  • 10946: Z-order of pieces is not preserved in saves
  • 4752: ConcurrentModificationException in sun.awt.color.ProfileDeferralMgr.activateProfiles()
  • 4505: BitstreamException in Mp3AudioClip$
  • 2686: IllegalArgumentException in GeneralFilter.zoom()

We’d like to release these fixes as 3.2.13 soon. Please consider trying our current development build, 3.2.13-svn9131 and let us know of any new problems you encounter.

Update: Try 3.2.13-svn9133, or whatever is latest. There is a much value in people trying these builds and reporting back—we’ve already found and fixed one problem as a result.

3.2.13-svn9134 also contains the following fix:

  • 10100: IllegalArgumentException: Piece is not on this map at