Release more "pinned" dialogs!!!

With 3.5x, I’ve noticed that, as one example, if you select a piece in the Editor, and go to edit its Properties, you can still do the same to another piece in the main editor window. The dialogs for editing the Properties will simply appear atop others that have not been edited.

I’d really like to see this utility expanded to other areas. Such as… when you’re setting up a feature that requires Expressions, Global Properties, Keystrokes, and other cross-referenced names and strings. These ALL have to be cited correctly in other dependent dialogs. But what often happens is, you open one of these dialogs, and find a space where you have to edit other properties, etc. But, then you’re STUCK in that dialog until you close it!!! You can’t look at other Properties or windows to make sure you get the cross-references right.

This makes complex editing SO MUCH more difficult. If it’s possible to allow more windows to stay open even if not “answered”, it would make things much easier.

Or, of course, making it possible to get dropdown selections for fields, that would give you a list of any previously created Keystrokes, key assignments, Prototypes, Global Properties, etc., would be even BETTER.