Remaining 3.2 tasks

There are still a number of issues to be resolved before we can release 3.2.0-beta1. Among them are:

  • Bug 4416: Hex grid alignment seems completley broken. Pieter, we need you to look into this bug.

  • Bug 4122: This is another problem with the new hex grid code. Again, Pieter, we need you to take some time to look at this.

  • Bug 4254: I have a possible fix for this, but I need someone to provide me with a module which uses BeanShell expressions in order to test it.

I’ve been chipping away at the bugs listed with a 3.2.0 milestone, but it is very slow going for me, as the remaining ones are in code with which I am unfamiliar: … tone=3.2.0

It seems like there’s nobody else working on any of these at present, save for Lance. Please, everyone, try to find some time soon so we can finish these bugs off and release 3.2.0-beta1.


Where is the Zuntztu converter function ?

Thus spake soft-bug:


Where is the Zuntztu converter function ?

It’s not on the list because no one stepped up to finish it.

It’s not such a big job, but it requires a volunteer. The parsing code
is done; what’s left is to add the calls which create the game objects

I do intend to write a ZZ converter for VASSAL 4 fairly early on. I
won’t finish a ZZ converter for VASSAL 3, as I’m done writing code for
new features in VASSAL 3, but I’ll happily include it if someone takes
the initiative to finish it up.