Remove From Stack

Apologies if this is a silly question, but how does one remove a counter/piece from a stack? I’ve puzzled and puzzled over this, but can’t work out the answer.

You have to expand the stack first by double clicking it, then select the
piece you want to move out. After you are done double click to collapse the
stack again

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Ah. Thank you.

Maybe I can add a beginner’s question here!? :wink:

I have a stack with three counter’s and I put another counter from another hex on the three counter’s. So the stack is now four counter’s.
How can I move the whole stack (the four counter’s) When I move, it only move’s the three counter’s and the new counter stays in the hex? And vice versa. :question:

Would be great if anybody of the veterans can help! It would make the flow in OCS game’s much more easy! :laughing:



Select File / Preferences. Enable “Moving stacks should pick up non-moving pieces.” (I wish this one was enabled by default.) From then on, it will behave as you wish.

That does not make sense.

If you drop 1 counter on top of 3, then try and pick up the stack without deselecting the Stack, then only 1 counter should move, not 3. What you describe is extremely odd. Does the single counter you drop on teh stack of 3 stay on top of the stack?

If you deselect the Stack, then click it again, it will select all counters in the stack, or you can tirn off the preferences as suggested.

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Hi Brent!

Thanks for the quick replie!

Now I get it, I didn’t deselect the stack, before moving on!

Thanks for your help!