Removing images from zip file

Hello all,

I have a 5 meg module that has about 1 meg of unused images in it. I have unzipped the module, removed the images and then zipped it back up. Only problem is the zipped file is actually larger after I removed the images.

Has anyone else had this issue? I am using Winzip to zip and unzip the files.

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Make sure you don’t have a thumb.db file in there too. If you use the
thumbnail view in windows it creates this file, and depending in how
many images are in the directory, it could be very large. I have seen
several modules in the past that have included a thumb.db that was
almost 1meg.

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I’ve also found that it’s best to create a new zip file rather then just replace and/or delete images in the old one.

Unzip your file, replace and delete the images, then create a brand new, empty zip file and place all your files in it.

I have found that Windows zip has a tendency to leave unused space in an exiting zip, even if the files are removed.

Thank you both. Will try both options and see what happens.