Replace module cards with extension cards

HI, I am working on a module extension that needs to replace cards that come in the base module. I am not sure how to do that. I’ve tried looking at another extension that I know does it, but I can’t find anything where it seems to say to use the new card in place of the old instead of in addition to.

Thanks for any help.

Complete rookie answering but this is how I solved my issue.

I have a deck of 100 cards, each scenarios uses roughly 70 of the cards.
What I did was to create a Map Window and set the properties to “Can Contain multiple maps”.
I have 4 scenarios thus I create 4 maps and 4 decks.
Under each Deck I select “Belongs to board” and then the corresponding board.
To speed things up I add all cards to a dummy deck and for each deck I create I just copy/paste and remove the cards I don’t need.

The only draw back I found is that you have to select the scenario and the deck to use when first starting a new game but I can live with that.

I would be interested to know what module does this, because you can’t really do this with an extension. There might be some clever ways to fake it - use a whole other map with a whole other deck of whole other cards - use layer instead of basic piece, put the expansion definitions in a prototype, and order it so the prototype overwrites the trait definitions for the base game - but you generally can’t have an expansion turn off things that are present in the base game.

So which module?

The Battlestar Galactica Pegasus expansion - the base game Investigative Committees are replaced with new ones. Maybe I should try contacting the people who maintain that and see if they can help.

Pegasus uses an Autoexec GKC, which is available as a custom class somewhere around here for 3.1, and is a builtin component in 3.2. When you start up the game, it issues the keystroke SHIFT-P to every piece in the game (if you are playing with Pegasus). The base game investigative committee cards respond to the keystroke by discarding to the game box (look at the ‘committee’ prototype); Pegasus does add investigative committee cards which do not discard themselves. So to do it the BSG way:

  1. Add a trait to the cards which need to be replaced - it should discard/delete the cards on a certain keystroke, say, CTRL-A
  2. Add an Autoexec Global Key Command to your extension to issue CTRL-A
  3. Add the new cards to the deck in the extension editor


Thank you!! :slight_smile: