Replace with other and Layer

Would it be possible to replace a piece (say red, layer 3) with another while maintaining its current layer level (say green, layer 3)?

Off the top of my head, you could probably do something like this.

I’m assuming you are using a Dynamic Property to control the layer display. If not, you’ll probably need to in order to get this to work. Let’s call this Dynamic Propert - LayerValue

Create a Global Property and call it something like - TempLayerValue. Make sure it’s numeric.

Include a Trigger Action in your original piece to control the swap. Have it trigger the following

Set Global Property - Set - TempLayerValue - to - $LayerValue$

You’ll next need to trigger a Place Marker trait (if you just want to get a clone of the replacing piece) or a Global Key Command (if you want to get the actual piece). In the latter case, the piece will obviously need a Send to Location trait that will send it to your currently location.

You’ll then need a Global Key Command to send a command to all pieces where - LocationName = $Location$ that would trigger a command to set a Dynamic Property.

Trigger the Dynamic Property to set - LayerValue - to $TempLayerValue$. This will cause the Dynamic Properties to match on both pieces.

Then trigger a Delete trait (If you wish to remove the piece from the game), a Return to Deck trait (if you wish to send the piece back to a deck), or a Send to Location trait (if you wish to send the piece elsewhere) on the original piece to remove it.

I think that would work.

Thanks, will try.