Replace with Other...other what?

I’m trying to use the “Replace With Other” command to switch out a counter with another counter that exists on an OOB card / board. The cmd replaces the counter with its “Step Loss” counter but not the one from the OOB…the counter the command points to…in fact the only version of the “Step Loss” counter that exists (its not in the “Pieces” window).
Doesn’t this command “Replace” one counter with another?
Thx CC

Yes, Replace With Other replaces a piece with another one.

It works in 2 modes:

  1. You click on the Define button and create a completely new and separate definition for a new counter to replace the existing one.

2 You click on the Select button and locate an existing piece definition somewhere else in your module that you use as the replacement. NOTE that if you start moving palettes and pieces and stacks around, you can break the link between the counter and it’s replace definition.

I try and avoid using Replace With Other, but if I have too, I use option 1, but in the Definition, just reference a single Prototype that defines the counter. Then both my real piece definition (if I have one) and any Replace definitions are all defined in just one place in the prototype. Saves the problems noted in 2.

If I can, I avoid Replace With Other and just use layers instead, but if you want to adjust Marker/DP properties as well it gets too use Replace With Other as a last resort.

As usual, if you have change the counter definition, you will have to use Refresh counters to replace any counters in in-progress games or pre-defined setups.

Thx Brent. I did create the replacement counter in the Pieces palette, but once done, it was moved out of the palette an placed on the OOB board, and the “Replace with Other” in the original redirected to the OOB board. So #2 basically, but maybe your “Note” is why its not grabbing that replacement counter. I’ll try #1 to see if there’s any difference.
The game requires the 2nd step counters live on the OOB board until they replace the original counter. Ergo I’m not treating the issue with layers. I guess in the physical game the original would change places with the replacement counter on the OOB board but I’m not doing that, so…?!

That’s where you need to make choices between slavishly replicating the physical game, or ‘Vassalising’ it to make it simpler, while achieving the same aims.

The game requires the 2nd step counters live on the OOB board until they replace the original counter.

Requires? Or is that convenience as they have to live somewhere? Do they perform any function sitting on the OOB?

As you say, you can only have the one-step or the two-step piece in play at the same time but in Vassal, they can be the same piece.

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Yeah. I’ve gone back n forth once on this already. If I go through the mechanic in my head its probably just a way to keep track of the 2nd step counter while its off the board, and so could be Vassalized (Its written on the game’s OOB that the one of the 2x counters that make up the Panzer units must occupy the provided space on the OOB during game play). btw Russia Besieged Deluxe ed. with Finnish Expansion.