Replace with Other Trait and Matching Layers

I’ve just finished creating a module that uses a replace with other trait to turn a ‘normal’ factory into a rundown factory. The main difference between the two are that the normal factories go from economy level 1 to 6 and the rundown versions go from 0-5 and both pieces use a layer trait with 6 levels, one for each economy level.

At the moment when you replace the normal piece with the rundown version, no matter which layer is showing on the original piece, the new rundown piece appears at its lowest level of 0.

I’ve marked the replace with other trait with the option which matches the status of the two pieces but that doesn’t appear to be having the desired effect. I’d really like the new piece to appear on the board at the same level layer as the old piece; what am I missing?

Without seeing your module it is difficult to say what is going wrong.

One thing you could try is to give each level NAMES (under the “Level Name” to the lower left of each level), with identical names with the original and the replacement per each level. Also make sure, it goes without saying, that the Level description of both are the same…

Was there ever a solution for this?
I also see the same results, all properties match as well as the image# and Level Name. But still no luck?

If Replace-with-Other won’t do what you want, you could use the same piece instead of replacing it, and give it a Layer containing all twelve images. The Layer’s current level would be controlled with a Dynamic Property. I’ve attached a minimal example demonstrating what I mean. (The piece in it only has 3 images in each of the two states ‘A’ and ‘B’, but the principle is the same.)