Report Action on Chart Window Map Piece not reporting?

I am creating a clock. It should report its values each time it is adjusted.

Currently I have the following structure:

Chart Window Menu > Map > Map Window > At-start Stack > Clock_Piece

If I paste the clock piece into the game piece pallete and plop it onto the main map it reports as designed, so the piece design is fundamentally correct.

But when adjusted from within the chart window at-start stack it doesn’t report to the main window.

My report action format looks like this:

Time is $CurrentHour$:$CurrentMinute$

Both of those are dynamic properties of the piece.

How can I get it to report to the main chat window/logs?

Answered by Tim McCarron over on the CSW Vassal folder, your map needs to have Auto-report format for units modified on this map: $message$ or else nothing will ever be “said”.

:astonished: OMG?!? I cant believe I overlooked that. I emailed the admins and everything. I feel So Stupid. (Face-palm) Thanks. I know your comment wasn’t towards me and my problem; but it was the same problem, and you solved it. Thank you.