Report Action - Thought I was on to it...

but… I can’t get it to work the way I want.

I have a card that when it gets placed into the players hand I want the name of the card (basicName…no?) to show up in the main chat window but no matter what variables I try, the same thing comes up…

  • Card → Axis hand.

I think I’m either missing out on the proper variables that should be in the Report Action or I’m out to lunch altogether.

Am I on the right track?

‘placed’ by drag and drop movement, or by Key Command of some kind.

The Report Action generates a message, which is then displayed according to the ‘Auto-Report format for units modified on this map’ set in the map.

Reports for Drag and drop Movement are set by the two movement auto-formats.

Check how these are all set for the Player Hand window.


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Sorry, yes, ‘placed’ by drag and drop.

Ahhh… I see what you mean. So I could set that the way I like in the Player Hand window…except that I can’t alter the original Player Hand window and while I can alter a copy, it creates a problematic duplicate that Vassal doesn’t like…Is there another way to go about getting the results I’m looking for? Or am I missing something in this method?

Thanks again Brent

Not without altering the player window in the base module to make the report

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That’s what I was afraid of…maybe it’s time to update that as well then.

Thanks Tim

Quick follow up…

Is there a list of the variables that can be used? It would be handy to know what actions can be reported.

Thanks in advance

Although this is a slightly different topic, I thought it might be best to keep it in the same thread.

I have set up an At-Start Stack to contain 2 face up cards that players can either draw to their hands or place into the deck as per the scenario instructions.

However, I have discovered that without placing either of the cards into the deck, there are already 2 of those cards in there. I have verified that the cards aren’t part of the set up, they should only be available from the deck once placed into the deck. Is this a bug or have I done something wrong…or am missing something?

In conjunction with this…these cards have their own prototype in an effort to display in the message window that when these specific cards are drawn from the deck to the players hands I’ve set the ‘Name when Masked’ in the Mask of the prototype to reflect the name of the card (Air Sortie). But when the card is drawn to the hand, it still just displays the old prototype mask name of ‘Command Card’. I thought for sure I had this one correct…but obviously not.

Oh…what the heck, while I am here…I was wondering if it is possible that when this card is drawn into the players hand either directly or via a draw from the deck, is there a way to trigger an action? I have a token that shows the opponent that there is in fact this card in the other players hand. Currently I have it set to ‘Send to Location’ as a menu item, but it would be very cool if the drawing of the card could trigger this as opposed to having to do it manually. Likewise, when the card is placed on the board the ‘Send back’ could be evoked.

Any help is much appreciated…and will be very much appreciated by the Memoir vassal community at large!

Yes, They are all in the reference manual (help in the Module Editor menu) and in the FAQ.


Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney

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Thanks Brent for pointing me in the right direction…any chance of getting help with my other problems? Or should I be rethinking how I am implementing the face up cards?

Check the contents of the deck in the actual module, not the setup

hmm should work I’d have to see it to know what its thinking

Yes very doable. When the card moves and you set the apply key to pieces that move (in map window), add a trigger with correct filters to the cards that listens for that command and have it fire another key command
that will execute a piece GKC (youll have to add that to them it too) which in turn affects the token how you want

Thanks for the quick replies Tim and Brent.

Tim, I thought about the cards already being in the deck…but I never added them to the deck on the extension let alone the original module…in looking again, I see that they are not there…but still show up. This is why I am stumped by this one, I’m not sure where they are hiding? As a side note; I have set up the cards as 2 At-Start Stacks so that I could offset them a bit…might this somehow be causing the problem? Each only has one of the cards. Or maybe the fact that they are cards that somehow they are tied to the deck? I’m grasping now, I know.

You make a good point about seeing the module and extension…I have uploaded them to my site if you would like to have a look. You can find them here

I’m also glad to hear that the triggers can be set. What you describe seems esoteric to me now, but I’ll poke around and see what I can set up. Any other specifics would help a lot…this is all kind of like drinking from a fire hose! This is my first venture into really making an extension…so thanks again for all your help.


Disregard the duplicate card question…I had the other two cards in another extension :blush:

Ok took a look - There is no card problem oops theres your own response

Apart from that:
The report trait on those 2 cards has no key command, its going to need one. Also your report calls for $basicName$, should be $BasicName$ (capital B - its case sensitive) but this will always call the name you defined in the basic piece trait - what you probably want to use is $pieceName$ instead so that it will refer to the names defined on the mask trait or basic piece trait when it is unrevealed (mask name) or revealed (basic piece name)

Don’t forget to add the key to apply on map windows for movement and have your report trait key match that, and add $message$ in last auto report on map window

Other than that your doing fine and can tackle the trigger :slight_smile:

Thanks again Tim…once I got rid of that buggy extension it also solved the card draw message report problem (gotta loves newbies eh?!).

So it’s on to that trigger issue now. I still don’t quite follow you but will figure it out…and learning as I go :slight_smile:

That will really make the extension complete.


(ps - a big thanks again to you and Brent duly noted on my site)

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