Reporting individual values on a die roll

A “Dice Button” has the option:

Prompt for values when button pushed?

By checking this box, the player can include the number of dice rolled, the number of sides on the die and an additional amount.

Looking through the public source, I found the following:

Number of dice = numDice
Number of sides = numSides
Additional amount = plus

So, I tried the following report line

$playerName$ rolled a D$numSides$ $numDice$ times and added $plus$ = $result$

…but that didn’t work.

Is is possible to report individual values when this die roll is used?



Try $result1$ … $result2$ … in the dice report command line.

I hope it helps …


I’m not sure why you would look at the source for this, nor where you found this information which is incorrect.

The options you can use in the report format are listed in the reference manual and are available in the drop-down ‘insert’ list’.

The correct options to use are nDicde and nSides.

Based on the reference manual, I made the report format equal to:

$playerName$ rolled a D$nSides$ $nDice$ times and added $plus$ = $result$

and a roll gives the following result:

  • Brent rolled a D8 3 times and added 1 = 3,2,4


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Where I found that information was from the link in the Developers Documentation on the home page. There’s a link there… … salengine/

…that sent me to what I thought was the source. I just dug around in there until I found an area concerning dice and that’s what I found. I’m not a coder, per se (although I have written working code in the past), but I can usually read and understand it on a basic level.

As for the Insert drop down list, $nSides$ and $nDice$ are not listed and I don’t recall $plus$ working but I’ll give it a shot.

Thanx for the info.

Is this an upgrade in version 3.1?

I’m still using 3.0.17 until the kinks get worked out in 3.1 and when I used the variables you suggested, they didn’t work.

Nevermind. I answered my own question. I loaded 3.1 and ran the mod through it. Worked great!

I still get that untrapped error message when using a “prompt for values” die roll from an action button but I know that’s being addressed and it doesn’t affect the results or message display

Thanx for your help.

Has this changed since this was written?
I am trying to use a die roll button for arbitrary die results and when I use a report format of…
** $nDice$d$nSides$(+$plus$ea)+$addToTotal$ = $result$ ***

and in the player enter 3d6 +1 per die and +2 total (yeah I know same as +5, but I wanted to see the effect on the report) I get a report of…
*** 3d6(+1ea)+2 = 9 *** <<John 'Murphy[Scenario Designer]>>

so it does not show the individual die results like what you indicate above.
(this is under beta5, the latest Strategos module, the usual place, which is

crud never mind I see it now.

ya know the check box called “report total” well, that could be worded better as “report as total” or something that does not sound like it is just enabling the report period. then again I guess everyone else has no trouble understanding that and my brain is just wired funny.

anyhow a non-problem, sorry for taking your time.