Reporting map movement


I have a module with a map (obvious eh?) , the map has got a grid, and the grid has got a numbering. Still, as the pieces move in the map, the movement is not reported. How to overcome this? Thanks!

PS - I looked at other modules and did not see any obvious difference to the options I have on my module…

Have a look in the GlobalOptions component - there is an auto-report option the defaults to off.


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Thanks Brent , that did the trick.

Follow on question, the grid does not seem to exist even though I added a grid numbering to the hex grid. The report does not show any locations, it just says ‘piece moved map to map’, when it should say ‘piece moved A1 to B2’ or something like that.

guys, just bumping the previous question. Thanks.

Check the auto-report formaqts in your map component. It should say something like

$pieceName$ moves $previousLocation$ → $location$ *

$previousLocation$ and $location$ should be replaced by the locations generated by the Hex Grid Numbering, as specified in the ‘Location Format’ of the numbering.


Tks. I did just that, and the result I got is:

  • A. Nevski moves gridLocation → gridLocation *

being that I copied and pasted from the location format that was $gridLocation$ .

Guys, I’m not sure what I did, but somehow it is working. :slight_smile: