Reporting on Key command for units ending movement

I want to report on the movement of only one kind of piece on a main map. Since I don’t need reporting on other piece types, I’ve cleared out all the auto-reports from the main map properties, and added a key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map, which is Ctrl+P. The map has an irregular snap-to grid and the piece in question snaps to the grid.

I’ve added a Report trait to the piece I want to report on. It’s supposed to detect Ctrl+P and report back that the piece has moved from one grid location to the other. ("$playerSide$ moves to $location$.") However, the Report trait doesn’t return anything. I know the Ctrl+P is being applied, because there’s a Play Sound trait triggered by Ctrl+P when the piece is moved, and the sound plays just fine. But no report appears in the chat window.

Any thoughts what I am missing?

In the map window properties, for report traits on pieces to work you must
fill the field “Auto-report format for units modified on this map:” with

Now when your key command will apply the report trait will spit out

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