Reporting Player Changing side

Is it possible to create a report when a player changes sides using the Retire button? I cannot find a way to do this.

The problem I have is that I have a module where players secretly set values on cards within a player hand and then send the cards to an area that is accessible to all players, but there is a side called solitaire which enables the solitaire player to access all player hands and an unscrupulous player could change sides to solitaire and view other player hands during a game and then switch back.

I could have two versions of the module one without a solitaire side and one with, but if I could get a report when a player switches sides I would only need the one version.

Anyone any ideas?

Don’t think there is a way to make a report for retiring sides.

How critical is it to set the values on the cards directly? As an
alternative you could use the notes window and have the values stored there
and have the player reveal his hidden value when necessary perhaps?

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I rejected the notes window as the way forward early on because one of the the main player interactions each game turn is to select these sets of cards secretly and then reveal them to each other, but thanks for the suggestion.

I think I have inadvertently solved the problem but I am not sure how. I restricted the cards in each set to one side and the solitaire side, but if the first side to control the card masks the card and turns it over only that side can do anything with the card from then on. So if he retires and joins as solitaire then he will no longer be able to control his cards. It seems to have the desired effect but I dont know how, if it is a bug I hope it doesn’t get fixed.

Tim McCaron wrote:

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Just to make it clear I redesigned each deck of cards as a single piece and not a card, with a layer representing each “card” and then created an at start stack with the single piece in it and the players select the “card” they want by moving through the layers.

Auto-reporting is generally not a good way to prevent cheating, since a player can always save the game and load it in as solitaire player in another session.

This particular problem would be solved by being able to specify the player sides at game startup time (a recent feature request). Then the solitaire player could simply be made unavailable.


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Thanks Rodney. I have decided that the easiest way is just to delete the solitaire player from the playing sides and have two versions of the module one for match play and one for solitaire play.

Rodney Kinney wrote:

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