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I have an odd problem that I am fairly convinced is a vassal bug (maybe). I have a set of maps which refuse to trigger on a Move-To event via a keyboard command or popup menu command. Instead, the Unit-Modified event is triggered. Here is exactly what is happening:

Using version 5.20 of the Axis Empires module (available on the vassal site) … le_id=3654

start new game

choose axis side

open counters window (3rd button to left of “Pacific Theatre” button)
select Pacific Counters->Japan->At Start (should see red 0-1-2 inf unit)

open Japanese Force Pool window (8 buttons to right of “pacific Theatre” button
select DS Axis Pool (should see “Ground Units” area)

open Pacific Theatre Map (or use the european theatre map on main window, doesn’t matter which)
create a japanese 0-1-2 inf unit on this map

now drag this new unit onto the DS Axis Pool Ground Unit area.
this move should be reported correctly with my debug message: “movement to DS Axis Pool”

drag it back to the original creation map.
now use the popup menu selection on the counter and select “To Force Pool”

the unit moves to the DS Axis Ground Unit area as it should, but now it gets the “modified on DS Axis Pool” debug message (which is of course a trigger of the “modified on” action instead of the correct “moved to” action which we successfully got when we explicitily dragged the unit onto the DS Axis Pool.)

you can see where these debug messages are specified by checking this out in the module editor of course…

is this something i’ve screwed up in my module, or is it a vassal bug? i know this used to work at some point in the past, though perhaps not in this fancy multilevel force pool window i get via a [Charts]->[Tabbed Panel]->[Map]->[Map Window]->[Map Boards]->[Board] object…

thanks for any help,

bruce sears

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the clear description of how to reproduce your problem, that made it very easy to have a quick look at this.

It’s not quite a bug, more of a ‘feature’ as we call it in the trade :slight_smile: This has ben discussed before in other guises. The same issue exists with otehr traits that cam move a counter (Can Pivot and Move Fixed Distance).

The problem is that the “movement to map” and “movement on map” auto-reports are only triggered by actual drag-and-drop and movement. If a counter appears on a map by way of Command key (i.e. Send to Location), then the ‘Modified on’ auto-report is triggered. Vassal does not ‘know’ that the ‘Send To Location’ command moves the unit.

The way round this is to change the ‘modified on’ auto-report from your hard-coded ‘Modified on DS Axis Pool’ to the more standard ‘$message$’. This says to show the report message generated by the Report Action traits on the actual counter. If you do this, then the ‘To Force Pool’ command displays

  • Jap 012 inf moves eEuro5206 → DS Axis Ground Unit Pool

Which looks pretty good. If you want something more specific to the ‘To Force Pool’ action, then you change the Ctrl-P Report Action trait on the ToAxisForcePool prototype.

Hope this helps. I have found that once you understand the issue, it is not too hard to program around.


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i guess when it was once working, that is how i had it set, and then when i made a lot of changes to the new mod, i must have lost $message$ somehow…