Request for module editor improvements

Apologies if this are known requests/issues (just hard to search for mentions of them in the forum, if so).

  1. It would be very nice to be able to cut and paste beetween modules (without having to work with buildfiles, that is).

  2. If I define a map and then change my mind and want to place this map inside a Tabbed Panel which is inside a Chart Window Menu (the method I am using to groups multiple maps as different tabs in a single main map button… there might be better methods), cut+paste or copy+paste just doesn’t work and one needs to hack the buildfile.

+1 for item (1). It would help me I think.

I recall an old thread where Brent mentioned it as an idea that hasn’t quite made it so far.


Another badly needed improvement is the ability to view and edit values for the “Prompt user to select from list” option for Dynamic and Global Properties. It is presently impossible to either edit or even view the expressions once they have been inserted. The window is laughably small even when expanded to its maximum size (see below circled in red). The only workaround is to clumsily extract the buildfile, view/modify it from a text editor, then copy it back into the module…


+1 to that.

Another request would be to ability to actually see the layout of multiple boards (for those maps that have “can contain multiple boards” checked), once created. At present, whenever one selects “Select Default Boards Setup” it appears like a white slate, even if boards have been previously defined and saved. They all work as designed, it’s just that the tool for defining the board matrix always wants to restart from scratch.

I make large use of multiple boards and everytime I need to jot down notes of which board was in which row,column for future reference.