Request General Reminders in the Reference Manual

It sure would be nice to have a few general reminders in the Reference Manual.

Since I learned the hard way that a trait won’t have a Menu Command, even if one is defined by the module editor or creator, unless the trait also has either a Key Command or a Named Command, I have seen several other newbies tripped up by this.

It would be nice to have a General, or similarly titled, section in the Reference Manual with a separate listing in the Table of Contents with tidbits of information like this about things that apply to many items. The manual does a good job of explaining trait order in the Game Pieces section. The specific topic of being sure to have a Key Command or a Named Command in order to use a Menu Command probably doesn’t need as much elaboration, but I think it does apply to more than just Game Pieces. So that’s why I’m suggesting another section in the main index of the manual. I also think the concept is more basic than the tips and tricks listed outside the Reference Manual.


What would be in that section? If you know what should be in it, perhaps try your hand at drafting it and submit it for review.

Thanks. I started working on it. It may be a few days before I submit something.