ReRe: remaining tasks for beta3

swampwallaby-work@3709:HEAD still needs to be merged.

Save/Restore of the maximized state still needs to be added, but that can be included easily in a beta 4.


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On 7/06/2008 at 5:42 PM Joel Uckelman wrote:

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Thus spake “Brent Easton”:

Thanks for the reminder. I’ll try to get to this in the evening, once
I’ve finished packing.

(BTW: did you change email clients recently? I’ve noticed that many of
your replies add “Re[n]:” to the Subject, and that appears to be messing
up the threading on the forum. Possibly we can modify the script to handle
that, if necessary.

BTW2: Once I’m back home again, I’ll set up the mailing lists I promised
back when I thougt we were only a week or so away from releasing 3.1.0.
I haven’t forgotten about that, it’s just that I’m operating in LIFO
mode right now and a lot of other things have been pushed onto the stack
since then.)


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