Reset Button

First let me say how much I appreciate the help you guys have done.With out it I could not have gone as far as I have with my Mod.

I’m trying to put a reset button for the layers I have that appear on the counters such as “Used” “SR” “Break thru”,ect.
I have had some help on this but I fear I did not fully understand how to do it. I’m Providing a link for the Mod any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

There is a “reset” button on the mod if someone could set it up for one of the layers to reset then I’m sure I could follow the example
Thanks again. … 2_adj.vmod

It looks like your reset button (‘Cleanup’?) works for the ‘Used’ layer, at least on the British air counters - just make sure you have a ‘Reset command’ defined for the other layers, such as ‘SR’, as well. Considering that these layers appear to be on every counter in the game, I recommend putting them in a single prototype, rather than one for each side/unit type? Less maintenance?


I have put all the counters on the map and put “Used” on all the British air counters then clicked the “c” (clean up) button nothing happens?

Ok I got it I have been using the counters on the Order of Battle card so I think i may have have it.

I got it!! The counters on the OOB chart have to be deleted and the new counters with the new layers have to be put in there place.

Thanks again.