Restrict a trait for a game piece?


I have a game piece that Does Not Stack when placed on the map (it’s a terrain that is not selectable once placed). Players can pick a collection of these before the game starts and place them before 1st movement.

If I put these into a palette, they display at 100% size - too big. If I put them in a large map window that I scale to say 25%, the pieces display at a reasonable size but will not have the mouse-over enlargement feature for close-up view because of the Does Not Stack trait.

Is there a method to restrict THAT trait on one map and allow it on another?


Each map has its own Mouse-over Stack Viewer. You can define different behavior for each.

For the map where you want the terrain pieces to enlarge, select the viewer in the editor, and pick ‘Show non-stacking pieces’.

For a map where you don’t want the terrain pieces to enlarge, make sure the check box is empty.

Excellent! I will give that a try. I missed it when making the ‘holder’ board.