Restricted Command still fires

VASSAL 3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-bug14152-d22186aba

I have defined a Trigger Action for a class of pieces
Menu Command = “Build”
Key Command = “Ctrl-B”

I have defined a Restrict Commands
Restriction - Disable
Restricted Command = “Ctrl-B”

When Restrict when properties match = TRUE;

  1. The command is greyed out (works correctly)
  2. The command cannot be clicked on (works correctly)
  3. The key command still fires when invoked from the keyboard (BUG)

Not a bug, this was a trait ordering issue…

Wait a minute; please expand your message. I can see where trait ordering matters (restrict must follow the command). However, I would think that if they were out of order, then all three of the effects would be off. That is, the key would fire, the command would not be grayed out, and the command could be clicked. The fact as you report that some are on and some are off is to me a bug.

Trigger Action - “Build” “CTR-B”
Restrict Command “CTR-B”
Additional Trigger Action(s) no_menu_item “CTR-B”

When the restrict command condition was satisfied, the piece menu grayed out “Build CTR-B”

However, because I had some triggers after the Restrict, they continued to fire…

When I moved the Restrict command to the end, it worked as desired…