Restricting access to a Toolbar Menu

I’m either writing an expression incorrectly or forgotten something.
How am I supposed to write the expression to disable the access to a Toolbar Menu button based on the players’ sides? I have the different sides set up in the “Definition of Sides” (Axis, Allied) but do I have to repeat that info in the Global Properties? The Map Windows accessed by the Toolbar Button are not Private Windows, and I’d rather not have to redo them as private map windows.

**Edit - Here’s another query as I finesse this module into being: When I move a Unit counter (a tank unit, say) on the Main Map the message window only displays “$PieceName$…” but when I produce then move a Marker it will say the marker’s name? Nothing changed on the Main Map properties regarding messages & reporting movement etc…, from the base set up.

Resolved 2nd item - One thing I keep forgetting regarding Reporting in your module involves (my wording) syncing the reporting format/category at the Zone level with the higer level of the Map Window - if you’re using the Auto-Reporting feature. So, to get the $gridLocation$ to report in the message box I had to include that format (i.e. “$gridLocation$”) in the “Location Format” box of the Zone as well as at the parent level of the Main Map window. Well that worked for adding the GridLocation to the module reporting (you also have to have a grid with numbers btw), but didn’t solve why my Markers’ PieceNames were reporting but not the Unit counter PieceNames.
Then I found an older post/response from Tim M. I followed his advice and cleared all but the 4th Auto-Reporting formatting (i.e. “$message$”) at the parent Main Map window level and stuck in a bunch of Report properties into the counters whose movements I wanted reported in the message box.
From what I understand (which is probably wrong), is the Auto-Reporting at the parent file level doesn’t work on a counter that has layers or a lot of dynamic properties that effect its id. Ergo, the Markers were reporting just find because all they had were their Basic Name property (or Piece Name property…don’t get me going on the distinction between what those two terms represent…) for the Auto-Reporting to contend with. I think. Anyways, it works.
My first problem - finding an Expression to Restrict access to a Toolbar - remains unresolved.