Return of the Heroes/Under the Shadow of the Dragon query..


I’ve been searching with zero success for a Vassal module for Return of the Heroes and Under the Shadow of the Dragon by Pegasus Spiele. The BGG link is :

While the game has different mechanics, it is similar in scope to Shadows over Camelot, so I “think” that it is possible within Vassal. Since I have no experience with Vassal design itself, that last part is a guess on my part.

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Since no Cyberboard or Vassal module has been made for Return of the Heroes and its expansions, I’ve contacted the designer directly in regards to securing the authority to recreate this system within Vassal.

As of today, the 15th of April I’ve been given clearance to start work on the module(s).

Additionally, Mr. Stepponat suggested I contact Pegasus Spiele directly to see if they would help secure scans of the system proper for me - since they are responsible for the graphic elements of the game. Just today I sent out a request to PS in regards to this issue, and am awaiting their reply.

My grandest hope is that either they or Lutz (he said he might be able to help if they can’t or decline) will be able to provide the necessary scans of the system which would in turn increase the quality and completeness of this fantastic game.

Naturally, as this situation is clarified, I’ll be sure to post a follow up in this thread.



That would be cool. Please post an update here when it’s ready.