Return to deck bottom, draw from top

Hi, just asking:
Is there a simple way to send/return cards to the bottom of a deck ?
For cards drafting in a 5p game, you may wait for one lazy player, and this one would have to take the cards from previous draft turns with 10, then 9, then 8… from the other players.

If I can’t send cards to he bottom of the deck, I will have to create 10 decks*players!

I can’t use the reverse thing, as I don’t know how late one can be and this could mix all up.

Or based on the number N of players I could create N buffer decks instead of 10, the pushing from buffer-4 to buffer-3, b-2, b-1… when they get empty, but that’s still heavy.

Thanks for suggestions.

When you return-to-deck the cards, also send them a “DOWN” (down arrow) keystroke. This will send them to the bottom.

Obviously you need to uncheck “reshuffle always” from your deck, or the cards will get fully reshuffled every time the deck changes.

Well, thanks again.
I read that in by searching in the forum, but I didn’t understand it.
It’s clear and concise now.
This should be fine.