Return To Deck Not Functioning

And I have yet another question that I’m hoping to get some information/help on.

I have a deck (we’ll call it Deck A) which contains several cards. Each of the cards has the following properties:

  • Basic Piece
  • Prototype - Misc Token
  • Return To Deck

The Prototype only has the property Marker - Layer=Misc Token (which is used for stacking/rendering purposes).

When I move cards off the deck to the main board, I get no right-click menu. I checked, and I have the following defined in Return to Deck:

  • Menu Prompt: Return to Token Pool
  • Keyboard Shortcut: NULL (field is blank)
  • Deck: Deck A

I’ve tried rearranging the order of the 2 properties I can (Prototype and Return to Deck; Basic Piece is not movable), and this yields no results. The cards in Deck A aren’t being placed onto a deck space on the main board, so I’m not sure if that’s the case. I do know that I have the Return to Deck option in another deck I’m using (Deck B), and that deck is on a deck space on the main board. And when I right-click on Deck B on the main board, I get the right-click menu.

So my question: What am I doing wrong with Deck A? Do I have to place the cards from Deck A onto a deck space on the main board to get the right-click menu? Do I potentially have something wrong with the Return to Deck Property?

This seems like it should result in the lack of a right-click context menu that you are experiencing. You don’t have a keystroke assigned to this Return to Deck trait. I’d have to whip up a test module quickly to confirm, but I think you need a keystroke defined for this to work.

I just tested by adding a keyboard shortcut, and that now brings up the right-click menu. I don’t like having to define a keyboard shortcut; I feel it is only going to lead to problems. Like, what if someone accidentally hits the right keyboard shortcut inadvertently and sends every game piece back to the tokens board? Silly.

Guess I’ll have to find some really odd combo that nobody would ever think of using.

Instead of a keyboard shortcut you can type in a named command like “Discard” in the keyboard shortcut field. This will also cause the menu to show up and be an impossible yet meaningful key command the user understands when selecting it

Indeed. Use a Named Keystroke. Unfortunately I don’t think these were ever formally documented anywhere except in a release announcement.

Well, I found out purely by accident that the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work unless you have the piece selected. Which means I can assign the same keystroke for the same function across multiple cards/pieces/tiles and I don’t have to worry about a thing unless I have multiple pieces selected. Sweet!