Return to Deck Won't work

I have been using the Quarriors Module and it has some issues but it is playable. I am trying to add the expansions to it. I don’t understand all of the Programming but I am able to drop new cards and dice into it and they work fine except for one thing. The return to deck function when you cull a die just will not send the card back to the deck even tho I chose that deck to return it to. This won’t happen all that often but it does happen and I wish I could get it to work. Anybody willing to look at the mod for me?

I am thinking that maybe it just is not being counted in some property that I can’t find. I took out Mighty Quake Dragons everywhere that I have been editing the mod to add a new die/card in order to test this theory and then searched the buildfile to see if they were still mentioned somewhere and they were not as far as I could tell.

If I send it to another deck it will add to that deck just fine even though there is normally only 5 dice possible for a deck.

of course I figured it out on my own immediately after posting this… I had not changed the location of the deck when I copy and pasted it. Since the deck is placed offscreen I didn’t think it mattered but it did. Sorry.