REturn to force pool command sequence

I have a module with at-start stacks on a board that act like a force pool. I will create the pieces in the at-start stack from a collection
of generic pieces I have created in the module.
I’d like to implement a command “Return to force-pool” that removes those pieces from the main board and returns them to the appropriate at-start stack.

Could someone point me at a module without a lot of complication that implements this, or mind writing a brief tutorial on how to do this?


Should be pretty simple. Each piece that needs to do this move gets a prototype with a Send to Location in it. Use a named keystroke with no menu text if you don’t want it to appear on each piece’s right-click context menu. You can name a location on a specified map as the destination. Put a Global Key Command in your main toolbar that sends this keystroke, then all the desired pieces will respond to it and move back to the At-Start Stack. This presumes that there is only one destination stack desired, if you have several stacks then there are a couple other steps.